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Valentines Special, Scrolls & Hearts 10% off


Christmas Special


PR Hallow Doodles 03


PR Swirlies 13

PR Ex Cathedra Medium


Font Creator 9 Seems to do a better job of auto metrics. Here is the result with no kerning


PR swirlies 12


PR Ex Cathedra Medium, still under construction, completing kerning


PR Ex Cathedra

TNT TV show, "the Librarians" Is renewed for a second season.

Swirlies 11


PR Uncial is being used in the titles of TNT TV show, "the Librarians"


Swells 1

Drawn with a pointed brush, these have greater contrast and
weight variation than the PR-Swirlies series.


Sprucewood 1

This font is a collection of sketched spruce trees. Some are filled outlines, some are bare trunks and branches, and some are rough squiggles. Each can be used individually to suggest a tree, and the different shapes can be latered in different colors, to suggest texture, or snow cover. There is also a glyph of a mountain range, for a horizon behind your forest.


Swirlies 10:


Christmas Doodles font:


Four New Swirlies fonts:


PR Columban Font, now only $10.00

Send me Pics of my fonts as you are using them in signage or stationery, and get discount codes for upcoming promotions! Look at my contact info page for my email address.


New Promo: Big discount, Short Time!


New release: PR Cauldron

Whether your subject is scary, or just ancient, this font can help get the right feeling across. PR-Cauldron has capitals based on Uncials, and lowercase based on Celtic Minuscule. "Potion" has a rough finish, and "Curse" has the same letters dripping with gore, suitable for Halloween. Letters are size matched in both fonts, so you can put in as much, or as little messiness as you like.


New release: Brush ornaments, now in smooth AND crunchy.


PR Scrolls 5 now released.

This font is Discounted 10% from now until April 25 2014.

This font is Discounted 10% from now until April 30 2014.

Here is the brief description of the available faces:

PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-01 Duplex Caps
PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-02 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters and dot space
PR-Vanaheim-Med-DC-03 Duplex Caps, Dotted counters
PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-04 Broad Caps, with modern style lower case.
PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-05 Narrow Caps, with modern style lower case.
PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-06 Broad Caps, with archaic lower case.
PR-Vanaheim-Med-LC-07 Narrow Caps, with archaic lower case.

I am also planning more members of the Vanaheim family, and I was looking for feedback on what comes next. I was thinking of light and bold weights of the "monoline" version now available, but I was also thinking of a "Roman" version, with thick and thin strokes, also a weathered version, textured similarly to Caslon Antique. As you can see, I could be working on this one family for a while. As designers, if you were to use this font family, which additional variants would be most valuable to you?

You can contact me by email address on the contact page, or click on the Wordpress logo and comment there.

This font is influenced by ancient Nordic Runes. the strokes flare slightly, to a concave terminal for a finely carved appearance. The font is all caps, but there are alternate letterforms in all the lowercase positions. There are two sets of capitals in PR-Vanaheim-DC (Dual Capitals); one set of narrow letters, more closely related to Runic forms, and one set which includes wider and circular letters some of which are closer to the classical roman forms, which can be freely combined with the narrow letters for the variety associated with hand lettering. There is one version with dots placed in the space between words, and the centre of large counters, and one version without the dots.

PR Dim Sum half price Jan 31 to the end of February.

PR Viking, and scrolls fonts 10% off, from now until Ragnarok, or Feb 22, whichever comes first.

Selected fonts with hearts and swirls 14% off from now until Valentines day.

I am currently working on a new font with a Viking influence, something like Wellsbrook Initials, but with a Nordic accent, and some Gaelic vocabulary.

Completed Nov 4, 2013

This set of swirlies oraments is drawn with a pointed brush, for a higher contrast appearance than swirlies 1 & 2.

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

Released Oct 31 2013:

This font is a collection of simple calligraphic ornaments suitable for invitations, gift tags, and anything that can benifit from a “spoonful of sugar” visually. The frames font uses the same calligraphic elements as PR-Swirlies-01, but has them combines in ways which form an elliptical cartouche. Many of the elements can be used in a modular way to create frames of varying length.

If you send me email with pics of how you are using my fonts, I may give you a bonus, with your next direct purchase.

Hallowdoodles 1 & 2

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

BrambleWood 1 & 2

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

Swirlies and Nouveau Ornaments

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

PR Viking

This typeface is inspired by the angular shapes of runes; the early writing of Northern European peoples. The letters have been given an eroded finish, as though they were carefully carved a thousand years ago, and weathered over time. This font includes at least two versions of every letter one simple, one more ornate, with all alternate characters for other European languages. The Alternates Font includes additional variations of some characters as well as Ligatures, astrological and elemental symbols.

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

PR Valknut

This font includes the symbols Valknut, Triple spiral, Triquetra, and Horn Triskelion, associated with Odin, and ancient Norse and Celtic cultures. Each of these symbols is presented in outline and solid forms, and in vertically and horizontally mirrored forms.

PR-Foxtail May/June 2013

The bushy weed commonly known asWild Barley, or Foxtail Barley provides the inspiration for this set of ornaments, and reveals its connection to the prairies. The appearance has an affinity to cowboy themed work and would combine well with wood type decorative text.

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

PR-Scrolls 1,2, and 3

These were completed at various times since March 2013, and have proven very popular. They are suitable for framing text. Inspired by food labels, signs and coats of arms, PR-Scrolls is a collection of images which can be used for framing text in contexts where antiquity, craftsmanship, or traditional quality are conveyed. There are several sets of glyphs which work together to make a variety of shapes, or banners of custom length.

All these fonts can also be purchased directly from me, by sending me an email, and payment via PayPal.

PR-Uncial added March 18th 2013

This font is readable, yet with a bit of weirdness, occupying a space between Classical Capitals and modern lowercase letters. In place of a lower case, it presents a duplicate set of scaled-down capitals. The Alt caps variants have letters all one size but offers a choice between letters closer to the classical forms, and those with more of a medieval influence. Minuscule contains the medieval capital letters as “PR Uncial Altcaps”, but they are arranged to fit with these small letters in a dropped position.

March 13th 2013

I added PR DimSum to MyFonts.com. This is an informal alphabet, drawn with a pointed brush.

I am also posting to a blog on

You can follow my more general comments about font making there.

March 6 2013

Added Columban Primus to MyFonts.com. This is a major re-working of the glyphs from PR Uncial, and there are variations planned, with Ligatures and alternate characters.

Viking Font Updated, to facilitate embedding in PDF documents. Click the graphic for more information.

Last month, I uploaded Hydra, a family of two new fonts to MyFonts.com. This is a faux Greek font, including a true lowercase as well as small caps, and several ligatures and special characters.

Mostly Roman, a little Celtic, with broad sweeping strokes..... Arthurian!

Uploaded two new fonts to MyFonts.com.










This is an attempt at simulating an old style map. I am developing a series of mapping symbols. I have compass roses and some scrolls for title blocks. I still need to make symbols for trees, forests, hills and cities. I may offer this as a service to customers. If you are interested in this service, undertanding that there may be a long development time, contact me at commisions@prfonts.com.

More characters fromPR Uncial Pro, as if they were carved in stone.

Redrawing the characters in my PR Uncial font, a step in creating PR Uncial Pro


It has been a distracting couple of months, but I have been working on a font similar to "Herakles" but with a more complete character set, and improved spacing. I also plan to make this font part of an extended font family, so when thinking of a name I was thinking, Herakles, (or in Latin Hercules) and multiple faces ... the geeky pun hit my like Zeus' thunderbolt: Hydra! Killing it was Herakles' second labor, and this is my second foray into this angular Greek letter form.

Here are a few sample images:


I drew half of the heart, and copied it in mirror image. I did that with a bunch of different hearts. that way it looks relaxed and freely drawn, and also perfectly symmetrical.should be a fleurons font, of hand drawn hearts and flowers, available before Valentine's day.

Also, here are the tattoo designs that came accidentally from some victorian ornaments.

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